We are screwed. Spontaneity in the Kaiser Mountains, Austria

Kaiser Mountains in Going am wilden Kaiser,  Tyrol, Austria

Kaiser Mountains, Austria

Place: Going am Wilden Kaiser, Tyrol, Austria

Initial plan: After driving from Oberau in Germany to Going in Austria we decided to take a lazy day and go down to the town of Going.

What actually happened: On the way to the town we passed a chair lift (Astberglift) leading up the mountain behind our hotel. As I was complaining before that we haven’t been on too many hikes in the last 1 ½ weeks, and that I got the feeling we don’t use our time here properly, we spontaneously jumped onto the chair lift that brought us from 809m up to 1255m.

Thoughts on the lift: As soon as we sat 35m above the ground we started thinking: This was super spontaneous. But in terms of mountaineering lessons we failed: we didn’t have with us neither waterproofs, hiking sticks nor water, food or tissues for my constantly running nose. We didn’t even know how long we would walk down. So basically all the essentials were missing. (Mommy Steffi says: Don’t try this at home! Prepare properly!) If the weather had changed we would have been screwed. Naughty, naughty.

Kitzbühel Alps, Tyrol, Austria

Kitzbühel Alps, Austria

As it turned out: the walk down to the town was a 1,5hs walk. So we had lots of time and no reason to panic. At the top of the lift we had a fantastic view onto the Kitzbühel Alps and during the walk down onto the entire chain of the Kaiser Mountains. Gorgeous! I want to put them in my suitcase, take them home, plant them in my garden and go climbing and hiking after my 9-to-5-job. Can I?

My highlight: Using a giant leaf as a tissue.

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  1. How lucky. How magical.

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