Alpine Scenery and Hell’s Valley Gorge (Höllentalklamm)

Alpspitz, Alps, Bavaria, Germany


21km – with Prasana.
↑ 987m
↓ 1569m

Place: Hammersbach near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

– a ride with the Kreuzeckbahn (cable car)
– amazing views onto Alpspitz, Zugspitze and Garmisch-Partenkirchen
– Höllentalklamm (Hell’s Valley Gorge)
– most of the walk = downhill

Zugspitze and Höllental, Bavaria, Germany

Zugspitze and Höllental

Our Route:
We left our car at the Höllental Gorge car park in Hammersbach, walked 2,3km to the Kreuzeckbahn (cable car) and got a ticket up to Kreuzeckhaus. From there we walked over the Hupfleitenjoch to the Knappenhäuser. From there the trail lead us all the way down to the Höllental (Hell Valley) where we picked up the path through the Höllentalklamm (Hell’s Valley Gorge) and back to our car park.

THAT’s why I came here. Beautiful mountains, sunshine, great views. We started with a short climb and then walked all the way down to the valley again. Hiking sticks definitely recommended. We met a few Scottish guys who tried the echo with yodelling. Very funny. We had a little picnic at Hupfenleitenjoch (basically a gap between two peaks) and cake at the end of the gorge. I think that my 2001st cake on this trip. I just love Germany’s cakes and gateaux. They are big, juicy and filling. Quite the opposite of British cake culture. Not that UK had one. Sorry guys, but a dry Victoria Sponge cake from 3 days ago is barely comparable with the 15-cm-high yoghurt-mandarine gateaux or the cherry-stuffed, alcohol-soaked Black Forest Gateau.

Höllental, Bavaria, Germany


The Gorge:
The highlight of the hike was the final 5 km through Höllental and Höllental Gorge. In fact, we passed the origin of the stream that goes through the gorge. It was finding its way out of the mountain and falling in a high waterfall down to the valley. The water was light turquoise, playing around white and light brown chalk stones. I love the rivers here. They all are so clean. No comparison to the brown sludge of Thames in London.
The gorge itself wasn’t as spectacular as Partnach Gorge. But it wasn’t raining, maybe that’s why. Definitely beautiful. And it’s longer than Partnach Gorge – 1km. So 300 meters more pleasure than in Partnach Gorge. Again: waterproofs were very helpful. Although it was sunny most of the day water was dripping down from walls and ledges. I was surprised that I didn’t see anyone with flip flops there. (Don’t even think about it when visiting these gorges – your feet would thank your care with turning purple within seconds. The water – even a single drop – is freezing cold. And you definitely wade through lots of puddles.)

Höllentalklamm, Bavaria, Germany

Höllentalklamm Gorge

It’s a beautiful gorge, with lots of bubbling streams and waterfalls. Water flushing and dripping everywhere. (As soon as we came out of the gorge I thought: I really need a loo now!) Definitely worth a visit!

– Cicerone Guide: Bavarian Alps, Route 28
– Map Kompass No. 25 – Zugspitze/Mieminger Kette

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