Oxted Circular – Lazy Bastard

Peter Rabbit’s Post Office

9 August
12.6km – with Prasana.

Why do you go hiking?

We really needed to get away for some time last weekend and the only solution was a hike in the countryside of Surrey. I hoped that I could leave behind the many road works, uncertainties and annoyances of my life, recharge my batteries and come back with the feeling of accomplishment, like I had a bath in the fountain of youth.

Ahhh… It didn’t go quite as I hoped. Although Prasana had a great part in positively clearing my mind (Thanks, Schatzi), my own laziness stood in my way to get a feeling of some kind of achievement.

Hiking in Surrey

Summer in Surrey

Reason being? It’s hot. Here. In England. Imagine that. Summer here are usually 20 degrees and sunshine (if we’re lucky), mild spring weather so to say. At the moment, entire continental Europe is sweating under 35-40 degrees Celsius and even a few degrees made it to England this time. 27 degrees. And I’m not a friend of heat. It just makes me totally lazy. So lazy, I’d rather stop breathing to preserve energy if I could.

So instead of being an energetic jumping mouse, I felt totally drained, dreaming about that 2-litre-ice cream pack in my freezer at home and me lying on a picnic blanket in the shades of a willow by a little, bubbly stream.

Hiking in Surrey

Through the backyards

We turned around after only 6,5 km, cancelling our 21km hike after just 2 hours. It did give the hike a new flavour though. Because we don’t walk according to maps but instructions, we had to find our way back reading the instructions backwards which was challenging at times.

And I realised how much of the hike I missed by reading the instructions. It’s a completely different walk if you don’t have your nose in the paper all the time. That was actually quite enjoyable. Maybe I should switch to maps. Or just following the footpaths cross-country, get lost, and at some point find my way back again. I’ll think about it.

What did you do in this heat last weekend? Did you go out or hide in the shades?

Walking instructions:

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8 Responses to Oxted Circular – Lazy Bastard

  1. Steffi says:

    We are not really blessed with good weather. Apparently, it’s even worse in Scotland. The cliche of London especially is that it’s always raining and foggy. But that’s actually not true. It’s just grey and cloudy. I envy you for your brilliant weather in Tasmania. There must be a nice breeze in Bellerive.


  2. I’m with you – 27 or 37 degrees is simply not comfortable for walking. I think the perfect walking temperature is around 16-21 degrees Celcius with the smallest of breeze or none at all. Of course the sun must be shining and preferably not a cloud in the sky so that the big blueness overhead inspires every step. Ideally it rained yesterday so the air is clear, and the greens are all sparkling – but not wet. I have been reading quite a few English walking blogs and it seems this combination doesn’t come often on your side of the world.

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  3. Steffi says:

    Multi-day treks are cool. I prefer them to day hikes because you get to see more and they are physically more challenging. If you pack you backpack pack light. 2 sets of cloths – you can wash them in the evening. Be prepared for every weather + bring food incl chocolate. And if you choose your track check not only distance but elevation as well. Lakes and coasts can be lots of up & downs as well.
    Where are you planning to hike?


  4. Taith Ellie says:

    I might try some more instruction walks for a change 🙂 I’ve started visiting national parks here and am surprised there’s only paths that you’re allowed on (probably a bit stupid of me…) so I’ve been enjoying walking without need of instructions or maps! But that does cut out the fun of spontaneous diversions.

    I’m hoping to start multi-day treks soon, any advice??


  5. Steffi says:

    Hi Ellie. I definitely should walk more with maps. You’re right, it gives you more freedom to just wander around. And it might be a nice change from the instruction walks.
    Keep walking. You’re walking towards spring, whereas we walking towards autumn. Both colourful though :).


  6. Steffi says:

    Hey JC. Thanks a lot. I came across fancy free walks on the internet before but didn’t try them. I will give them a closer look. Might be a good idea to get some diversity from SWC. Thanks for stopping by!


  7. JCtravelling says:

    Hi, Not sure how I ended up finding your blog…but keep up the good work!
    Have you seen http://fancyfreewalks.org/ ? Loads of circular walks, mostly in Surrey, but also surrounds. Might make a change from the SWC stuff sometime?

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  8. Taith Ellie says:

    This sounds like a lovely little walk 🙂 I’m intrigued that you do so much hiking but don’t use maps! (I’m a bit of a map addict myself, I’ll happily read a map at home). And I would definitely recommend going on a “let’s get lost” wander, it’s so much more of an adventure and you can just go wherever takes your fancy.

    Please make the most of the beautiful weather you’re getting! I’m very jealous that my family is having a wonderful summer in the UK, because I’m in the south of Chile where we’re just coming out of winter. BUT I still managed a “let’s recharge the batteries” walk after work last night. Me and a friend got a taxi up to the local ski slope, chatted up there with nobody else around and then walked the only road home (~2 hours)

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