Chipstead to Kingswood – Where you hear horses coughing

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

16,5 km – with Andrea and Saturday Walkers Club.

What would you do on a rainy Bank Holiday? Lying in, long breakfast, hot bath, hot cup of tea and going back to bed? Nope. We hike. Although I wished for some of these things throughout the day…

Close to London we started off in Chipstead (Zone 6). It was raining ALL day. However, as we all are experienced hikers we were prepared with waterproofs, umbrellas and caps. Such a rainy walk can be quite romantic actually. And I’m not talking about a walk around the block with your favourite man squeezed under one umbrella. I’m talking about the sound that the rain makes on your (allegedly waterproof) jacket. It sounds like rain dropping on a tent, you’re in it, wrapped in a cosy sleeping bag, watching the snails crawling up your tent. – Only that we weren’t in a tent, wrapped in a cosy sleeping bag, but fully out in nature, rain slapping our faces.

Two things I have learned today: Don’t you EVER dare taking off your eyes from the path. The cow pie will find you! Second: There is a reason why there is a big red sign on railway crossings saying: Stop! Look! Listen! Beware of trains. I stopped. I looked. I listened. And heard! Something. If I would have been that snail on the picture I would have been crushed by that train approaching. Well, I’m not a snail, and the train wasn’t that fast. Actually, the train driver saw me standing there waiting for him to pass and greeted me. Isn’t that lovely? I love the people in this country <3.

Anyway. It was a lovely trip, good distance, very nice people, and we didn’t loose too many today. A little wet maybe, but we had the sun in our hearts.

I have to admit, after such a day nothing is better than having a long, hot shower after peeling off your muddy, damp cloths. You just need to push away the guilt you feel thinking about the amount of water you just wasted that could have supplied a whole African village for a month. I’ll make a donation to Charitywater in a minute.

Hiking instructions:

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4 Responses to Chipstead to Kingswood – Where you hear horses coughing

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  2. Steffi says:

    Thanks Stephen. Also for pointing out the forum. (I haven’t discovered the depth of the SWC website yet… šŸ™‚ ).


  3. Oh whoops I have just seen that someone has already put up a walk report with numbers – thanks anyway


  4. Thanks Steffi – a cracking post – would you like to put some of it in
    and it would be good if you could let us know how many walkers were on the walk
    Thanks a walks poster


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