Isle of Wight – Yarmouth to Freshwater – The Needles

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

11,5 km – with Louise.

After our more or less bad experience with the Coastal Path yesterday and also on our last weekend on the Isle of Wight we decided to kick the Coastal Path in its butt and change plans. We followed the advice of the owner of our B&B (One Hollyrood in Newport: very cute, very small B&B, with very friendly staff and a fantastic fruit salad). We took bus to Yarmouth and then walked on the cycling path to Freshwater, joining the Coastal Path ON THE COAST and headed for the Needles (the most west corner of the Isle of Wight). At this point the Coastal Path actually followed the coast along the cliffs. These 3 kilometers were indeed a proper coastal walk *woop woop*.

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

At the Needles you had a stunning view onto the North-West and South-West coast of the island as well as onto the South coast of England’s main land. Amazing.

After following the Coastal Path for 2 weekends I really wonder if it’s worth going for a 3rd one and finish it (from the Needles to Ventnor). Anyone any experience?

All in all the Coastal Path is a bit of a disappointment. Too much tarmac, partly not even along the coast at all. A hiker longing for the rough, untouched countryside must be inevitably disappointed. (Thank god the excellent company made up for it on both weekends :-).) Conclusion: rather trying inland hiking paths.


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