Have you every encountered anything creepy on your walk?

Hiking in Surrey - Guildford to Gomshall
We came across this bunker on our walk from Guildford to Gomshall. Otherwise a lovely walk with bluebells and a visit in ‘The Holiday’s’ country pub, this was a creepy. Not only that the bunker looks like it’s got a face. We couldn’t find a door either. Just windows. If it was a bunker like we assumed, how the hell got people in? Unfortunately, there we no signs or information boards so we had to leave these questions unanswered.

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5 Responses to Creepy

  1. There used to be a door where the middle hole is now – they just have sealed it off with concrete now…

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  2. That is rather weird and creepy.


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  3. Steffi says:

    No, no manor houses nearby. Apparently, there are a lot of them in this area, set up during WWII to protect London in case of invasion. I’m still not sure how they entered the bunkers…


  4. Is there a castle, old manor house or church nearby with crypts and tunnels beneath that spread outwards to this structure. Fascinating.

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  5. Cris says:

    I’m guessing there must be some sort of underground entrance to the bunker. Nice one.
    Here’s my creepy:

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